Birthing Center/NICU

Early Childhood Follow-up Clinic

The Aspirus Women’s Health Birthing Center offers the Early Childhood Follow-up Clinic for children 0 – 36 months of age who are at risk due to prematurity, birth defects or infection, or have been identified as by their physicians as having delays in development milestones. 

The clinic is designed to monitor a child’s physical and development progress for the first three years. At various clinically defined stages of development, a child will be scheduled to see a physical, occupational, and speech therapist, as well as a neonatologist. A nutritionist and social worker are also available when needed. The team of specialists work together to provide the best care for children at one convenient visit. 

The clinic takes place each month at the Aspirus Women’s Health Birthing Center class room. Appointments are available throughout the day. The appointment length will vary depending on the number of specialists a child is scheduled to see.  

The average appointment takes about 90 minutes. The team will discuss the results with the parents before leaving and a report is provided to the child’s regular physician. Referrals are made to other health care professionals and community resources, as needed.  

For more information about the Aspirus Early Childhood Follow-up Clinic, please call 715-847-0433 or toll-free at 866-659-7165.