Birthing Center/NICU

During Your Stay

Labor and Birth Nursing Care

Your labor team of doctors and nurses work together to provide caring support and guidance through your labor process until delivery. Over 50 percent of our labor nurses are certified as inpatient obstetric nurses with many of them also involved in perinatal education. They are committed to making your birthing experience positive and comfortable for you. Feel free to tell them about your plans for your delivery and how they can assist you and your family.

Mother-Baby Nursing Care

After the delivery of your baby, a nurse will care for you and your baby together. Your mother-baby nurse will be your personal link to information, education, and comfort. Mother-baby care allows you to choose how often and how long your baby stays in your room. If you wish to have your baby with you most of the time, your nurse teaches you and your family how to care for your newborn at your bedside. 

If you choose to have your baby cared for in the nursery some of the time your nurse will continue to care for your baby.  Whatever options you choose, your nurse will provide individualized care for you, your baby, and your family.

If you are planning to parent by adoption and want the prospective adoptive couple to provide care for your baby, based on their situation and on room availability, they might choose to stay in one of our rooms to provide infant care.

Baby Photos

Your baby’s picture will be taken shortly after birth, as a part of the Hospital Security Plan. You will be given the digital disc containing pictures of your infant to take home. If you wish, you may have your baby dressed in a special outfit for this portrait. The Birthing Center also offers on-line viewing of baby portrait through our Online Nursery. Your signature is needed for your baby’s portrait to be placed on the Internet.

Education During Your Stay

Because these first days are a time of learning for new parents, education is a main focus of Aspirus Women's Health Birthing Center activities. Your nurse will be available to provide one-to-one demonstration and teaching opportunities for you. The Newborn Channel (Channel 14 on the in-room televisions) provides 24-hour education. We also encourage you to ask any questions that you might have regarding care for you or your baby.

Visiting Hours

After you have had a chance to rest, you will probably be eager to have visitors. Visiting hours are 11 am to 8:30 pm. Children accompanied by adults are welcome to visit. Fathers, brothers and sisters, grandparents, and labor support persons are welcome at any time. Fathers/support persons may choose to spend the night, if they wish. Sleeping accommodations are provided in your room. Ask your nurse to help you with these arrangements.

Infant Security

Aspirus Women's Health Brithing Center has an Infant Security System to protect your baby. All visitors must enter the department through the main entrance, which is monitored by security cameras. All visitors need to stop at the desk and sign in to obtain your room number.