Birthing Center/NICU

Birthing Center/Newborn ICU

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At Aspirus Women's Health Birthing Center, our passion for new life centers on the belief that childbirth is a beautiful and wondrous event. It’s a miracle of life we embrace with deep respect and celebrate with joy and excitement.

We offer childbirth classes and education that help you prepare for your delivery and to care for your newborn. 

We do everything possible to make your delivery the most comfortable and meaningful moment for you and your family. And for your new bundle of joy, we have everything in place to ensure his or her entry into this world is a secure and welcoming experience.

Here at Aspirus Women's Health Birthing Center, we offer you a birthing experience in a warm, comfortable, and homelike setting that is fully outfitted with cutting-edge equipment in the event that complications arise. On top of that, you have the added reassurance of an on-site newborn intensive care unit (NICU) and state-of-art C-section rooms just down the hall.

The NICU is our most intense commitment to helping and caring for new life. Not only do we employ the latest in medicine and technology, we use the healing power of caring and touch to give infants in our charge the best care possible.

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