Bone & Joint Health

Healthy joints. Joyful life.

Hip and knee pain shouldn’t keep you from doing the things you love. Aspirus provides the joint relief and compassionate support you need to keep life in motion.

Tips for Reducing Joint Pain

Watch Your Weight
  • Maintaining a healthy weight will reduce strain placed on joints during everyday activities
Practice Good Posture
  • Proper alignment of your head and spine will help alleviate pressure on joints
Rest and Ice
  • Take a break from your normal activities and ice the affected area indirectly for 15 minutes
  • Moderate and low-impact exercise, such as easy-paced walks or water aerobics, may help increase flexibility and relieve pain and stiffness
Walking Assistant Devices
  • Using a cane or crutches may temporarily help reduce pressure and pain
Physical Therapy
  • Strengthening the muscles that surround the affected joint may help stabilize the joint and reduce pain

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