Senior Health

Hospital Care

People who are 65 and older have unique health care needs and are a significant portion of the population that is hospitalized each year. These patients are more likely than younger patients to react to changes in their environment, respond differently to an illness or medications, and decline faster physically when they are ill or inactive.

To provide specialized care and support the unique needs of seniors, Aspirus Wausau Hospital uses a team approach and two models of care called:

  • ACE (Acute Care for the Elderly)
  • NICHE (Nurses Improving Care for Health-System Elders).
Hospitals that use these models of care report:
  • Greater patient satisfaction.
  • Decreased length of stay for older adult patients.
  • Reduced need for readmission.
  • Reductions in costs associated with hospital care for older adults.
  • Enhanced nursing knowledge of senior care and treatment of common geriatric syndromes.

The ACE and NICHE models of care focus on:

Maintaining strength and activity levels

Therapists and nurses work together to prevent patients from losing strength and mobility.

Medication management

Pharmacists work closely with physicians and nurses to review medications, ensuring they are appropriate and helpful for each individual.

Transitioning from hospital to home

A team helps make the transition from hospital to home or living facility go as smoothly as possible, assisting with home medical equipment, making referrals to home care services and communicating with caregivers.

Preventing confusion and possible falls

Using advanced nursing skills, specialty beds and other equipment, caregivers help seniors avoid complications while they are in the hospital.

Recreation Therapy

Recreation Therapy improves the healing process by helping people to be involved in their normal daily activities as much as possible while they are hospitalized. It may involve activities such as card games, arts/crafts, puzzles, music, favorite television shows or socializing.

Staying connected

Patients at Aspirus Wausau Hospital can stay connected with family and loved ones easier than ever thanks to Aspirus Connected.

Aspirus Connected is a service funded by the Aspirus Volunteers that allows patients to checkout a laptop or digital tape recorder to help stay connected when they are hospitalized. The laptops are equipped with Skype technology, allowing patients to utilize the hospital’s guest wireless to video chat with friends and family right in their rooms.

The laptops and voice recorders can be checked out at the reception desk at the main entrance of the hospital for two hours at a time and are available seven days a week. Check availability by calling extension 72937. Download flyer (PDF)