Bone & Joint Health

Joint Replacement Center

If chronic hip or knee pain is preventing you from enjoying every day activities, and other treatment options are no longer helping, joint replacement surgery may be the right option to help relieve your pain and restore your quality of life.

Knee Replacement

  • Total knee replacement: the damaged cartilage and bone are removed and replacec with a man-made surface of metal and plastic.
  • Partial knee replacement: only one part of your knee joint is replaced.

Hip Replacement

  • Traditional hip replacement: an incision is made through the muscles around the hip and the damaged bone and cartilage are removed and replaced with an artificial joint.
  • Anterior hip replacement: smaller incisions are made on the front of the hip joint between the muscles. The recovery time for this minimally-invasive surgery is often shorter than for traditional surgery. Not all patients are appropriate candidates for this procedure.

Our Program

At the Aspirus Joint Replacement Center our goal is to guide and support patients every step of the way -  from pre-surgery  education, through the hospital stay, to successful recovery at home. Our team approach and thorough patient education throughout the entire process helps to ensure that our patients receive the highest level of care possible and are able to successfully resume normal activities.

Our Team

Our dedicated team of orthopedic surgeons, anesthesiologists, physician assistants, nurses, nursing assistants, physical and occupational therapists, and volunteers work together to help our patients achieve their goals.  We are committed to providing care that is comprehensive and individualized for the specific needs of each patient.   

Our team also includes a Joint Care Coordinator who plays an active role in helping our patients from the preoperative phase through discharge and recovery.  The Joint Care Coordinator is accessible to patients to help ensure each and every patient has the best possible experience at the Aspirus Joint Replacement Center.

What can patients expect?

Before the surgery, our patients will:

  • Attend educational classes to learn about the preoperative, surgical, and postoperative process.

  • Receive a comprehensive guidebook that provides practical information for patients including Frequently Asked Questions, a Pre-Surgical Checklist, Pre-and Post- Surgical Exercises with photos, and other useful information to help explain what can be expected throughout the process.

During their hospital stay, patients will:

  • Be treated by a multidisciplinary team that specializes in caring for joint replacement patients.

  • Participate in group therapy sessions with other patients who are recovering from joint replacement surgery.

  • Benefit from the aid of a friend, family member, or a volunteer who will act as a “coach” during group therapy sessions.

  • Enjoy group lunches with their coach and other patients.

  • Receive daily newsletters with updates on activities and schedules.

After patients are discharged, they will:

  • Be prepared to continue recovery with a care plan customized to their specific needs.

To determine if you are a candidate for joint replacement surgery, talk to your primary care provider.