Pharmacy Services

Hospital Pharmacy

Aspirus Wausau Hospital Inpatient Pharmacy

Inpatient pharmacy services are provided by clinical pharmacists and pharmacy technicians 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at Aspirus Wausau Hospital.

The hospital pharmacy uses a computerized unit-dose-drug distribution system supported by the Talyst carousel and Pyxis automated dispensing cabinets.  Complete IV admixture services are available to the inpatient units and outpatient clinics for all infusion needs. 

Advanced technology allows the department to streamline drug distribution activities within the hospital and gives our pharmacists more opportunity to focus on other patient care responsibilities. A clinical pharmacist must have reviewed the order before the nurse can obtain the dose for administration.

Clinical pharmacists are responsible for:
  • Reviewing patient medication regimens.
  • Screening new orders for potential problems such as drug allergies, drug/food interactions, intravenous (IV) incompatibilities, and the need for dose adjustments. Physicians are informed of potential problems and alternatives.
  • Rounding with medical teams to provide drug information and collaboratively monitor patients' responses to their medications.
  • Managing insulin therapy under a collaborative practice agreement.
  • Actively monitoring antibiotic therapy, total parenteral nutrition (TPN) therapy, IV therapy, and any medications that require additional laboratory monitoring such as gentamicin and vancomycin.
  • Maintaining electronic progress notes that contain information regarding pharmacokinetic dosing recommendations, renal/hepatic dosing adjustments, insulin management or other information related to a patient's medication therapy.

To advance its mission, the department provides a supportive environment for professional training and development.  The Department of Pharmacy participates in the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) Residency program.  Aspirus Wausau Hospital pharmacists also precept pharmacy students from University of Wisconsin-Madison and Concordia University on clerkship rotations.