Aspirus Home Medical Equipment

Compression Stockings

Your physician may order compression stockings to relieve tired aching legs for men and women on the go, or those who spend extended time standing or sitting. Compression stockings are engineered with gradient compression to assist blood flow, help reduce and prevent swelling, help reduce leg fatigue, reduce the discomfort of varicose veins, and help relieve tired, aching legs.

Your physician may also prescribe custom-made compression garments for you to ensure your limbs receive the precise level of therapy needed. Custom garments are manufactured specifically for you based on the circumference measurements of your limbs so you can be sure that your compression garment delivers the prescribed level of compression.

Whether it be sportswear, medical leg wear or custom-made garments, you can be sure that Aspirus Home Medical Equipment can meet your needs with a large selection of compression garments available by the industry leaders.