Aspirus Women's Health

Journey to Optimal Midlife Health

Every woman has a story to tell….we’re listening.

Menopause is a time of transition, full of possibilities, and sometimes challenges.

Your Journey to Optimal Midlife Health is a prevention and wellness appointment that focuses on these transition years. During this visit with our caring Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner, you will receive education, support and guidance about the unique needs of menopause, explore your feelings and symptoms, and review treatment options. These might include lifestyle, nutrition, or activity modification. You might consider treatment with hormone therapy, or bioidentical hormones. You might just want to talk with someone and find out if what you are feeling is “normal.”

Menopause is an important time to promote and adopt healthy behaviors such as exercise, weight management, good nutrition, not smoking, moderation in alcohol and caffeine consumption, restorative sleep and stress management. Feel free to discuss any of these areas at your Journey appointment. By attending to your own health and wellness needs during midlife, you can devote yourself to providing care and support to those you love more fully.

You will also receive education, support, and guidance at your Journey appointment.  When your appointment is completed, our nurse practitioner and nurse navigator will work with you to tailor a wellness plan specific to you. You will also receive a personal Journey guidebook you can use and refer to as a lifelong resource. 

Your Journey appointment is also a time to talk about many other aspects of your health and wellness, including lifestyle, nutrition, activity, emotional wellness, mind, body and spirit, intimacy, safety at home and at play, and the health of your heart, bones, breasts, and intestines, bladder and other pelvic organs.

Our nurse practitioner will collaborate with your health care provider on the wellness plan she helps you develop from your Journey appointment. She can also help you find a provider best suited to your own needs, if needed. A mammogram, bone density test, physical exam, pap and pelvic exam, and immunizations can be completed at the same time. You can also schedule a massage to complement your Journey with our certified massage therapist.