Aspirus Women's Health


Journey to Optimal Health

At Aspirus Women’s Health, we offer other unique services, each of which provides you with a comprehensive approach to optimizing your health. Your Journey to Optimal Health appointment consists of a visit with our caring Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner that can last up to two hours. You will receive education, support, and guidance about many aspects of your health and wellness, including lifestyle, nutrition, activity, emotional wellness, mind, body and spirit, intimacy, safety at home and at play, and the health of your heart, bones, breasts, intestines, bladder and other organs.

The treatment of illness such as cancer or heart disease or the recovery from surgery or an accident can be all encompassing.  The Journey to Optimal Health can be a welcome transition from the focus on illness to a focus of wellness and prevention.

Journey to Optimal Midlife Health

The Journey to Optimal Midlife Health provides the same services as the Journey to Optimal Health while focusing specifically on your special needs during the transition years into, and through menopause.