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Video: Osteoporosis

You’ve taken care of others and helped them thrice and grow, often at your own expense. Aspirus Women’s Health helps you take care of yourself with the same dedication that you give to others in your life.

Bone Health/Osteoporosis

Eighty percent of the 25 million Americans afflicted with osteoporosis are women. Women of all ages need to guard against osteoporosis. This silent disease is more common after menopause, but can affect women of almost any age. 

Bones are the strongest between the ages of 25 to 35. Then, as women age, the inner structures of the bones become weaker. Fractures can occur even during normal activities. In fact, osteoporosis accounts for 70 percent of all the fractures occurring every year in people over the age of 45.

Women can promote bone health by eating foods rich in calcium and Vitamin D or taking supplements, participating in 30-45 minutes of weight-bearing exercise at least three times a week, managing their weight, and avoiding tobacco use. Your health care provider may order a bone density scan, which can diagnose osteoporosis and is recommended for all women beginning at the age of 65.

Osteoporosis is a treatable disease. At Aspirus Women’s Health, we’ll discover your risk factors for developing osteoporosis, and work with you to develop your personal plan to prevent this debilitating disease. Call 715.847.0477 or toll-free 888.236.2483 today for an appointment.