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5 Conditions Women Don't Talk About

Many women over 40 experience gynecologic symptoms for the first time that are embarrassing to discuss. These are problems even our mothers didn’t talk about. The silence surrounding these conditions causes us to believe we are alone or that these are inevitable signs of aging. It’s time to break that silence.

Click below to learn more about these topics that women are often reluctant to discuss:

Sexual Health
Painful Intercourse
Urinary Incontinence
Reproductive organs dropping and/or vaginal pain or pressure
Abnormal menstrual bleeding

You can enjoy the freedom and comfort found in the new and effective treatments now available. Our multi-disciplinary Bladder & Pelvic Health program includes comprehensive evaluations by a urologist and a physical or occupational therapist. If you have any issues with bladder or bowel leakage, please let us know and we will include an evaluation by members of our team. Call 715.847.0477 or toll-free 888.236.2483 today for an appointment.