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Emotional & Mental Health

Every woman has times when she feels overwhelmed and sad related to life experiences and loss. However, when these symptoms last a long time and are so intense that it changes the way a woman functions in her daily life, she should seek help. Unfortunately, the hopelessness and stigma of mental illness keeps many women from getting the help they need.  

Depression, anxiety, and other mood disorders are treatable. Like many conditions, the earlier depression is diagnosed, the more effective the treatment will be. As with other illnesses, a partnership between a woman and her health care provider creates the most effective environment for treatment. Education about the symptoms of mood disorders and the use of medications and psychotherapy normalizes the process for identification and treatment. Don’t go another day without finding out about the help that is available to bring mental health balance back into your life. For an appointment, call 715.847.0477 or toll-free 888.236.2483.