Aspirus Comfort Care & Hospice Services

Complementary Therapies

These Complementary Therapies are offered by Aspirus Comfort Care and Hospice Services:

Massage Therapy

Therapeutic massage is offered to support the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of patients and is a tool for pain relief and symptom management.  Massage has been shown to reduce pain, decrease stress and anxiety, heighten peacefulness, and restore emotional balance and overall physical comfort.

Music Therapy

Music Therapy uses sounds and music to support and encourage physical, mental, social, spiritual and emotional well-being.  Music can help to ease pain, decrease anxiety and stress, increase relaxation, enhance memory, promote communication, express feelings and increase quality of life.

Pet Therapy

Therapy dogs may visit people at Hospice House and the Palliative Care Unit at Aspirus Wausau Hospital.  These dogs provide comfort, love and companionship and enrich the quality of life for hospice patients and often their families as well. The sight of therapy dogs and the touch of their fur often brings peace and joy to those patients whose life once included animals. Physical contact has a calming effect and dogs have the ability to bring back pleasant memories of a person's life.
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