Magnet Nursing

We Honor Veterans

Approximately 25% of the patients served through Aspirus Comfort Care and Hospice Services (ACCHS) are veterans.   In 2010, social workers in ACCHS learned of the We Honor Veterans program where star status can be achieved by providing staff training and incorporating specific processes into the work flow of hospice staff.   Examples of training and work processes include:

  • Providing a certificate to veterans in the hospice program to recognize their service in the armed forces
  • Training sessions to provide information on veteran’s benefits, spiritual care for veterans, and other related topics
  • Recognizing the special needs of veterans, particularly those who have been in battle
  • A Veteran’s Day remembrance celebration
  • Collecting and donating clothes, blankets, and boots for homeless veterans

The We Honor Veterans program awards up to four stars based on completion of specific training and activities. ACCHS staff has a goal of being the second program in the state to achieve four star status, the highest number of stars awarded through the program.  Three star status was achieved in June, 2013.  Work is currently underway to receive the coveted fourth star.  More information on the program may be found on the We Honor Veterans website.