Magnet Nursing


Preceptors coordinate new employees’ transition into their new role and responsibilities. The preceptor program at Aspirus Wausau Hospital is committed to guiding employees, enabling them to understand the system and standards of practice, and welcoming them to the organization. The desired outcome is satisfied, effective, efficient employees. 

During orientation, preceptors are accountable for not only helping orientees develop their clinical skills, but also to help them find their “fit” within the department and the hospital. Preceptors assist new nurses to assume increased responsibility for job duties and to develop prioritization and problem-solving skills.  Preceptor validate the competence of new nurses and provide them with ongoing, constructive feedback on their performance and progress. 

Who can be a preceptor?

A preceptor is a dedicated, experienced role model who voluntarily chooses to share his/her expertise with newly employed staff. Preceptors must have the equivalent of at least one year of employment in their current position. They demonstrate professionalism, knowledge, and organizational skills.