Surgical Services

Surgical Services

Aspirus Wausau Hospital has highly skilled surgeons, who use the latest technologies and procedures to provide premier surgical care.

Aspirus surgeons receive support from a full team of surgical nurses and technicians with extensive experience and training in the latest surgical methods. In the past year, Aspirus surgeons performed nearly 11,000 surgical cases and spent nearly 20,000 hours in the operating room.

Skilled in performing a wide array of inpatient and outpatient procedures ranging from routine to the most complex of cases, our surgeons have in-depth experience using minimally-invasive techniques that offer patients faster recoveries and better outcomes.

With minimally invasive surgery, the surgeon makes a few small incisions or uses one of the body’s natural openings to insert long tubes, called canulas, from which small instruments are inserted to perform the surgery.

Compared to traditional surgery where the incision is large, they result in more rapid recovery and a faster return to normal living. Many of the procedures can be performed on an outpatient basis or require only a one-day stay.

All surgeries are different and involve a variety of factors that impact outcomes. In certain cases, “traditional” surgery is still the best option. Always discuss all available surgical options with your physician, who can help you decide what’s best for you.