Health Care Quality

Quality Reports

What Is Quality?

Health care quality involves the entire patient experience, including availability and timeliness of care, clinical outcomes, costs, safety, and patient satisfaction.

Transparency in Health Care

“Transparent” health care providers are open about what they do and how they do it. Recent reports have called attention to medication errors, and the differences in quality and cost among health care providers. The result has been an effort to help people assess the quality of health care providers before they select one. To achieve transparency the health care industry, government and private groups have published information about health care quality.

Targeting Excellence with the Aspirus Improvement Method

AIM for Excellence is our system-wide pursuit of superior clinical and operational quality. At Aspirus, we define quality as the continued improvement of products and services with a focus on meeting or exceeding customer expectations.

The Aspirus Improvement Method (AIM) is the systematic method we use to evaluate work processes and their outcomes and make them better. We focus on four quality markers described in the Quality pyramid.