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Subscribe to me on YouTubeAspirus HealthBeat 7 helps you make better health care decisions with news about the latest medical breakthroughs, research and technology. Tune in for information about exciting new care options you and your family can access right here in central Wisconsin through Aspirus doctors, services and Aspirus Wausau Hospital.

Women's Heart Health Education Series

Featuring Chris Hanke, RN

Aspirus offers an education series specifically for women on heart disease.

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Genetic Testing for Breast Cancer 01.14.11 Harish Ahuja, MD   Women's Health
Accessing the Heart Through the Wrist 01.14.11 German Larrain, MD   Heart & Vascular Care
NICU Web Cams 01.14.11 Sue McDonald, RN   Surgeries & Hospital Care
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy 11.16.10 Matthew Clancy, M.D.   Surgeries & Hospital Care
Weight Loss Surgery Benefits 10.21.10 Steve Weiland, M.D.   Weight Loss/Bariatrics
Treatment for Insomnia 10.21.10 James Cygan, M.D.   Other Topics
Breast Center Accreditation 10.21.10 Sally Mattingly, M.D.   Women's Health
Genetic Counseling 10.21.10 Megan Nelson   Other Topics
Hospital Room Service 10.21.10 Rochelle Drexler, RD, CD   Surgeries & Hospital Care
Medication Mondays 10.21.10 Julie Luks, M.D.   Senior Health
Recreational Therapy for Seniors 06.22.10 Ashly Schmidt, MS, CTRS, CCLS   Senior Health
Preventive Care Services 06.22.10 Larry Gordon, D.O.   Family Health
Prenatal Care 06.22.10 Kristen Rahn, M.D.   Family Health
Pediatric Therapies 06.22.10 Jennifer Kowalski, PT   Family Health
Nurse Navigators 06.22.10 Sheri Holmes, RNC, MSN   Women's Health