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Subscribe to me on YouTubeAspirus HealthBeat 7 helps you make better health care decisions with news about the latest medical breakthroughs, research and technology. Tune in for information about exciting new care options you and your family can access right here in central Wisconsin through Aspirus doctors, services and Aspirus Wausau Hospital.

Top 50 Cardiovascular Hospital

Featuring Diane Postler-Slattery, PhD & Paul Luetmer, MD

Aspirus Wausau Hospital was named one of the nation’s top 50 cardiovascular hospitals by Thomson Reuters.

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Heart & Vascular Care

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Title Added Featuring Topic
Top 50 Cardiovascular Hospital 10.26.12 Diane Postler-Slattery, PhD and Paul Luetmer, MD  Heart & Vascular Care
Peripheral Artery Disease 10.26.12 Jamie Costa, MD   Heart & Vascular Care
Lower BP by reducing sodium 10.26.12 J. Michael Frangiskakis, MD   Heart & Vascular Care
Cardiac research makes local difference 10.26.12 David Murdock, MD and Karen Olson, RN  Heart & Vascular Care
Calcium Scoring-Detect Heart Disease early 10.26.12 David Murdock, MD   Heart & Vascular Care
TAVR - An advanced heart surgery 06.05.12 Ronald Miles, MD and German Larrain, MD  Heart & Vascular Care
Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy 05.03.11 Kevin Rist, MD   Heart & Vascular Care
Atriclip for Atrial Fibrillation 05.03.11 John Johnkoski, MD   Heart & Vascular Care
Diabetes a Risk Factor for A-fib 01.14.11 John Johnkoski, MD   Heart & Vascular Care
Women’s Heart Program 01.14.11 Julie Luks, MD and Melissa Wendell, RN  Heart & Vascular Care
Accessing the Heart Through the Wrist 01.14.11 German Larrain, MD   Heart & Vascular Care
Mitral Valve Repair Surgery 06.22.10 Ronald Miles, M.D.   Heart & Vascular Care
3-D Technology Advances Heart Diagnostics 04.20.10 German Larrain, M.D., FACC   Heart & Vascular Care
Wireless Pacemaker Technology 04.20.10 Mark Hoffman, M.D., FACC   Heart & Vascular Care
Beating Heart Bypass Surgery 12.30.09 Fernando Riveron, M.D.   Heart & Vascular Care