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What to Know About Hospital Choice

With so much information available, how can you decide which hospital can best provide the care you need? 

There are more than 125 hospitals in Wisconsin. And while some patients unquestioningly go where their doctor suggests, the fact is, all hospitals are not equal. Today’s health consumer has choices…choices so important that good health depends on it. Here are some examples of common concerns regarding patients’ right to choose: 

Q. If my doctor is not an Aspirus doctor, can I receive care at Aspirus?

A. Yes! Patients have the right to choose where they receive care, regardless of system affiliation or changing physician referral patterns.  

Q. Can I continue to receive cardiovascular care at Aspirus Wausau Hospital even if my doctor is a Ministry or Marshfield physician?

A. Yes! Aspirus Wausau Hospital has a proven record of excellence in cardiovascular care, and our experts are ready to serve you. If you would like to see an Aspirus Heart & Vascular Institute cardiologist, or receive care at Aspirus, that is your right. We can help – just call 715-847-2380 or 800-847-4707.  

Q. How do I transfer my medical records?

A. Health care providers must share your medical records if you request. We are happy to help with the simple process of transferring your medical records or scheduling an appointment. You may contact your Aspirus provider’s office, or call 715-847-2380 or 800-847-4707for assistance.  

Q. Is the scope and variety of services important when choosing a hospital?

A. Yes! Hospitals with a broad range of services can treat more complex medical conditions. For example, some hospitals are not equipped to care for certain levels of cardiovascular emergencies. Aspirus Wausau Hospital’s staff includes 265 physicians in 41 specialties in key areas such as cancer, gastrointestinal, and spine/neurosciences to provide you with the most comprehensive care. 

Q. If I need to be transported by ambulance, can I choose the hospital I will go to?

A. In most cases, Yes! In non-life threatening situations, you can be transported to the hospital of your choice. If a life or death emergency exists, then you must be transported to the closest hospital emergency room. 

Q. If I have to be transferred, can I choose to stay in my own community?

A. In most cases, Yes! If you have a medical condition requiring specialized care it may be necessary for you to be transferred to another hospital, and you should be a part of that decision. Also, you or your family member may request a hospital transfer to be closer to home or loved ones.  

At Aspirus, we will continue to focus on our No. 1 goal: providing excellent, compassionate care to the patients who choose us. Should you need hospital care, we hope to have the privilege of providing you the best care possible.

Excellence is a choice. Make Aspirus yours. 

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