Health Library & Tools

Health Library & Tools

Welcome to Aspirus' Health Tools & Information section where you can access our health library and utilize useful interactive animations, quizzes, calculators, videos and symptom checker to help you understand your health and take action on your health concerns. You should consult a medical professional if you have further questions regarding any of this information.

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Wellness Tools

Fitness & Health Calculators

Check out these quick and useful tools to help you estimate your healthy body weight, target heart rate, amount of body fat and more. They will help you set exercise goals and educate you about your health.


DecisionAssist tools can help you make important decisions about your health care options. These decisions include whether to have a particular surgery, proceed with a test, take certain medications, or use other health care services.

The Body Guide

This interactive tool helps you learn about the ins and outs of the structures and systems of the body.

Drug Interactions

Check for potential interactions between drugs. You can enter one drug and check for any known drug, food, alcohol or tobacco interactions.

Health Risk Assessments

Our health assessments help you understand your current health status as well as your risk for developing diseases in the future by giving you personalized messages that you need to improve your health and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Symptom Navigator to centers