For Employers

Self-Assessment Questionnaire

Could you benefit from Aspirus Employee Assistance Services services? Take this self-assessment...
Are members of your family under serious stress at this time (unemployment, failing grades, marital problems)?
Do you feel overwhelmed by daily tasks?
Do you become impatient with delays or interruptions?
Do you frequently feel alone or misunderstood?
Is there an atmosphere of silence or secrecy in your home?
Do members of your family avoid each other or deliberately say hurtful things to each other?
Do you fear communicating your concerns with a loved one because of how they may react?
Have you lost your appetite or think you are eating too much?
Are you unlikely to ask for help with a problem?
Do you have trouble sleeping or think you sleep too much?
Do you frequently get angry or irritable?
Have you lost interest in things that previously provided you pleasure?
Do you frequently use alcohol or drugs to “take the edge off” or relax?
Do you use alcohol or drugs and regret it when the effects wear off?
Are you the primary caregiver for an elderly or seriously ill family member?
Are you concerned about financial matters?
Do you prefer to be at work -- or anywhere but home?
Do you prefer to be at home -- or anywhere but work?