Magnet Nursing

Relationship-Based Care

In the fall of 2012, Aspirus Wausau Hospital embarked on a multi-year journey to implement Relationship-Based Care (RBC) throughout the hospital.  RBC is a model that focuses on three key relationships: 

  • With self:  Self-care is promoted as a means to provide balance between the challenging demands of professional and personal accountabilities.
  • With colleagues:  RBC promotes strong relationships with colleagues through such tools as the “Commitment to My Co-Workers.”  Positive relationships with colleagues create a healthy work environment and improve patient care outcomes.
  • With patients and families:  Our patients and their loved ones are the reason for our existence, and as such, consideration of them must be placed central to everything we do.

RBC provides support to a strong collaborative practice environment by providing structures and processes for staff to become truly empowered to make decisions regarding their professional practice.  Leaders learn new roles in working with empowered staff which consist largely of providing support and creating an environment of accountability. 

Departments proceed through the process of RBC implementation in “Waves,” or groups of departments.  Each Wave completes an intense process of learning about RBC, then creating an implementation plan based on RBC principles.  Finally, each department moves through cycles of continuous process improvement, fine tuning previous plans of action and implementing new ones as needed.

Video: Relationship-Based Care at Aspirus