Magnet Nursing

Professional Practice Model

At Aspirus Wausau Hospital, nursing staff’s top priority is to create and sustain an environment of caring.  Created by Wausau Hospital nurses in 1995, the Caring Model of Professional Nursing Practice defined the expectations for professional nursing performance and provides nurses with a context and structure for serving patients, families, and the community. 

The Caring Model placed the nurse at the center, surrounded by the eight tenets of caring:  confidence, accountability, responsibility, empowerment, competence, advocacy, relationship, and enabling.  With the introduction of Relationship-Based Care (RBC), the Caring Model no longer adequately reflected nursing practice at Aspirus.  With the involvement of over 400 nurses, a task force of six nurses created a new Professional Practice Model in 2013, which appropriately places the patient and family at the center.  The new model still strongly embraces the tenets of caring, but also includes other aspects of nursing practice.  The model was approved by the Practice Council in June 2013 and was officially adopted at this time.

Components of The Professional Practice Model:

We deliver excellent, compassionate care.
  1. Our Collaborative Practice structure is the foundation of everything we do.  We are a professional nursing department that owns our practice.  Ninety percent of nursing practice decisions are made by staff nurses at the department level.
  2. Relationship-Based Care (RBC) is our way of being. This is how we do what we do.  RBC provides the link between our collaborative practice governance structure and our bedside nursing practice.  We firmly believe that relationships are essential to providing excellent, compassionate care.  The three critical relationships we must attend to are our relationship with ourselves, relationships with our colleagues, and our relationships with our patients and families.
  3. Patients and families are our reason for being here, and are at the center of everything we do.  What is best for the patient/family guides our decisions.
  4. We value collaboration.  We work collaboratively with all disciplines to achieve the best outcomes for our patients. Collaboration incorporates being a good team member as well as fostering an environment where all disciplines are respected and are equal partners.
  5. We value excellence in patient care.  We set high expectations for ourselves and each other and commit to doing what is necessary to maintain the highest quality of care.
  6. We value holistic care.  We strive to meet the emotional, spiritual, mental and physical needs of our patients in our care.  Our goal is always to find the actions which result in the best achievable outcomes for patients.  We offer presence, caring, listening, and knowing, and consistently communicate in a way the patient can understand.  Care is delivered via a primary nursing model, with the focus on developing a therapeutic relationship with the patient and learning what is truly important to them.
  7. We are professional nurses.  We value continuous learning and adapting, involvement in our collaborative practice structure, involvement in our profession and professional associations, certification, delivering evidence-based care according to established standards, and conducting ourselves in a professional manner.  We do this by holding each other accountable.
  8. We deliver care with compassion for people. We view patient care as a privilege and opportunity to make a unique connection with our patients and to touch lives in a meaningful way.  We believe there is both science and art to nursing practice.
  9. We value fiscal accountability. We manage our resources effectively and efficiently and accept ownership of our choices for use of resources.
  10. The Mission, Vision and Values of Aspirus, Inc. support and nurture both the science and art of our professional nursing practice.