Aspirus Lifeline Medical Alert Service

Supporting Independent Living for Older Adults


Aspirus Volunteers have been offering peace of mind through the Lifeline service since 1983. Today, there are more than 985 elderly and physically challenged subscribers throughout Marathon and Lincoln counties.

More about Lifeline

  • The service costs $25 per month.

  • The easy-to-use in-home unit is installed for you.

  • 24-hour-a-day service

  • For more information go to our Lifeline Web site, or call Aspirus Lifeline at 715.847.2781.

  • Aspirus Lifeline celebrates 25 years (read story).

 Additional Products

Lifeline Cordless Phone Communicator

The Lifeline Cordless Phone Communicator integrates the Lifeline Service into a cordless phone.

It helps seniors stay connected with Lifeline, family and friends. 

Installation fee: $35

Rental fee: $35/month

Auto Alert Fall Detection Button

The Lifeline Medical Alert service with Auto Alert:

  • Offers access to help with or without the push of a button if a fall is detected.
  • Is an easy to wear pendant style help button that is comfortable and waterproof
  • Is the ONLY medical alert pendant with breakthrough technology that  - if it detects a fall - will automatically call for help if a fall is detected and you can't push the help button, won't ask for help, or become disorientated and forget.

Cost: $38 per month and a $35 installation fee.