Aspirus Clinics

Patient Centered Medical Home

Aspirus Westhill Medical Specialists is a Patient Centered Medical Home, a place where you can go to get all the personalized care you need.

What is a Patient Centered Medical Home?

A Patient Centered Medical Home, or simply Medical Home, isn’t an actual building – rather it’s a way of thinking about your health care. It is a continuous partnership between you and a personal provider to give you access to comprehensive primary care.

Your provider leads a team of medical professionals, who together take responsibility for providing health care in a high-quality, cost-effective manner through all stages of life. You have one place to call, greater access to services, more personalized care and more one-on-one time with your physician.

Through our Medical Home, the providers at Aspirus Westhill Medical Specialists will promote prevention, while proactively managing chronic illness and engaging you in your care to attain optimum health.

Features & Benefits of a Medical Home

Coordinated care – A personal provider leads a team of medical professionals to coordinate and identify medical and community resources to meet your needs.

Improved communications – Shared decision making between you and your provider, based on trust and respect.

Accessibility – Greater and faster access to services including same-day appointments.

Prevention – Greater focus on earlier identification and management of health problems, reducing the likelihood of visits to the emergency room and hospital.

Patient satisfaction – The partnership and team approach to care often leads to a higher level of satisfaction from the patient and families.

Continuity of care – Provides coordinated and comprehensive services that support, educate and communicate your needs throughout your health care journey.

Patient-Doctor Relationship

The health and wellness of our patients is our top concern at Aspirus Westhill Medical Specialists. Providing the best possible care to every patient is our primary goal. The only way we can meet this goal is if we all work together.

Doctor Responsibilities
♦ Work to improve your health.
Patient Responsibilities
♦ Prepare for and keep my appointments as scheduled. Know my insurance and what it covers.
♦ Explain disease, treatments and results in an easy-to-understand way.
♦ Arrive 15 minutes prior to my appointment time.
♦ Listen to your feelings and questions and help you make decisions about your care.
♦ Cancel my appointment 24 hours in advance.
♦ Help you set treatment goals and monitor your progress.
♦ Make sure my doctor knows my entire medical history.
♦ Help you take control of your health by providing you with education material and resources.
♦ Be honest about symptoms, and other important information about my health.
♦ Give you clear directions about medicines and other treatments.
♦ Tell my provider all of the medications I am taking.
♦ Send you to trusted experts, if needed.
♦ Tell my provider about any changes in my health and well being.
♦ Keep treatment, discussions and records private.
♦ Actively participate with my doctor in planning my care.
♦ Provide 24 hour access to medical care and same day appointments, whenever possible.
♦ Make health decisions about my daily habits and lifestyle.
♦ Provide instructions on how to meet your health care needs with the office is not open.
♦ Request that any other provider I see send my provider a report, copies of lab work, test results and x-rays.
♦ Refer you to available Community Resources when the need arises.
♦ Use Urgent care for after-hours not-emergent conditions.
♦ To care for you to the best of my abilities based on my understanding of current medical methods available.
♦ End every office visit with a clear understanding of my providers expectations, treatment goals and future plans.
♦ End every visit with clear instructions, treatment goals and future plans.