Aspirus Clinics

Podiatric Hygienist

Aspirus Podiatry Associates has six specially-trained podiatric hygienists with 22 years of combined experience in performing palliative foot care and helping individuals achieve and maintain optimal foot health. 

The Podiatric Hygienist and Patient Care

Podiatric hygienists perform palliative foot care including nail reduction and trimming of corns and calluses. They are trained to provide the best possible foot care, assuring a professional, yet comfortable atmosphere to meet the patients’ needs. Hygienists perform this care under the supervision of a licensed podiatrist, who is present in the office at all times.

Education and Training

Podiatric hygienists are trained medical assistants with years of experience in a medical setting and with direct patient care. Each hygienist is a member of the Podiatric Medical Assistants Association and has passed a nationally accredited certification exam.

Podiatric Hygiene Availability

Podiatric hygienist care is available for any patient in need of periodic nail and callus maintenance. Individuals in need of this care, who also suffer from poor circulation, diabetes, or a major medical condition, will be referred to a podiatric physician. Six hygienists with 22 years combined experience are available at Podiatry Associates.