Aspirus Clinics

Walk-In Care

No matter who your primary care provider is, or what specialty he or she falls under, there may be times when you need to see a health care provider immediately and you simply can’t wait for an appointment. 

For these unpredictable occasions, Aspirus Walk-In clinics and the Aspirus FastCare Clinic are convenient, viable options for minor illnesses and injuries. Providers at Aspirus Walk-Ins and FastCare have a wide range of expertise and knowledge in treating non-life-threatening illness and injuries like:

• Allergies

• Athlete’s foot

• Bladder infections

• Cold sores

• Colds, cough and flu

• Cuts, scrapes, bruises and minor injuries

• Ear infections

• Earache

• Fever

• Headache

• Impetigo

• Insect bites

• Laryngitis

• Minor burns and rashes

• Mononucleosis

• Pharyngitis

• Pink eye

• Poison Ivy

• Ringworm

• Sinus infections

• Skin rashes

• Sore throat

• Sprains

• Stomachache

• Styes

• Swimmer’s ear

• Upper respiratory infections

• Urinary burning

• Other minor illnesses


At Aspirus Walk-In clinics and Aspirus FastCare Clinic, you don’t need an appointment and the wait time is often minimal. If you are in need of urgent care for non life-threatening illnesses or injuries, look for us in these locations: