Aspirus Heart & Vascular

Staff Bios

 Medical Director - Timothy Logemann, MD 

After 20 years in private practice in cardiology I have seen way too often, firsthand, the devastation obesity and its related problems bring to patients’ lives.  I have seen people struggle mightily against this problem, often with limited results despite all their efforts and energy.  So I was very excited to work with our great staff to bring this program to life for the benefit of our community here in central Wisconsin.  The results that we see and smiles and hugs we receive truly make my day.

Program Director - Kelly O'Heron, RD

I grew up in Wausau with two younger brothers and parents who always made nutrition a priority.  As I began college at the University of Wisconsin-Marathon County I was excited to learn that my passion for nutrition could be a career.  I transferred to UW-Madison to pursue Dietetics and have now been a practicing Registered Dietitian for 8 years.  During this time I have received certification in adult, adolescent and childhood weight management.  My passion in nutrition has always been geared toward weight loss because it can change the whole person by improving the body and mind, reducing needs for medications and increasing quality of life.  

Favorite Ideal Protein Food: White Cheddar Ridges

Health Coach - Chelsea  Buechel

Throughout my life, I have always strived to lead the healthiest lifestyle I could by practicing healthy nutrition and physical activity habits. I am and always have been a goal-setter, and one of my goals has is to help others achieve better health through proper nutrition. I have been a health coach with Ideal Protein for 3 months, and I have enjoyed every second of it. By working as a health coach, I have the opportunity to help others find and sustain motivation to lose weight and become healthier. I feel privileged to see such transformations each day when I see my patients. I love my job, the people I work with, and the patients I see each day because I know I am able to make a positive impact in people’s lives.
Favorite Ideal Protein Food: Chocolate Covered Soy Puffs

Health Coach - Sammi Joanis

I am a very fun and energetic person that loves to help people reach their goals. I have been a Health and Wellness Specialist with Aspirus Occupational Health since April 2012 and an Ideal Protein coach since May 2013. I am fortunate to have found my passion in life and make it my career. My absolute favorite part about coaching is when I see someone have an “ah ha” moment and everything starts to click for them. By using my health and wellness background I hope to encourage many others to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Favorite Ideal Protein Food: Chocolate Drink Mix

Health Coach - Becki Mork

I have been with Aspirus Cardiovascular – Rhinelander since 2008 as the Clinic Supervisor as well as being an Ideal Protein Health Coach. I am married with three boys and keep busy with all their sports activities.  I enjoy helping patients reach their goals and get back their lives.  I successfully reached my goal of losing 40 pounds on the Ideal Protein protocol and find it exciting to watch my patients change their lives.  .

Favorite Ideal Protein Food: Premade Mango Drink

Nurse - Holly Pagel, RN

I’ve been a nurse for 8 years and on a daily basis I see the impact that obesity has on a person’s personal life and health. A goal of mine has always been to take the best care of myself that I can, so that I can live a long healthy life and help others to do the same. Working with Ideal Protein I get can tell patients that, due to a weight loss, they are able to stop medications that they have been on for years. Weight loss has a very powerful and positive impact in our lives and I feel very fortunate to be involved with the program.

 Favorite Ideal Protein Food: Southwest Cheese curls, Garlic soy chips and pre-made strawberry banana drink

Nurse - DeAnn Keffeler BAN, RN

Background: pediatrics, ICU, cardiology. Education: Jamestown College, Jamestown, N.D.As a nurse for 14 years, I have always been interested in how the body works and am fascinated by how Ideal Protein has made a difference in people’s lives.

Favorite Ideal Protein Food: Garlic and Herb Soy Chips

Clinic Manager- Arlyne Frane, RN

I have been with the Aspirus/CVA for 42 years. During that time I have concentrated on decreasing cardiovascular risk factors in clients working in a variety of positions from the intensive care unit, cardiac cath lab and cardiac rehab before coming to Cardiovascular Associates.   I was very excited to be able to develop a program that helps clients see amazing results without just relying on medications. I also believe in practicing what I preach, losing 25 pounds myself on the diet. .

Favorite Ideal Protein Food: It’s a toss up: chocolate drink mix or the peanut crunch bars.

Administrative Assistant - Kelsey Finke

I graduated from The University of Wisconsin Stevens Point in 2012 for Political Science and History. I am currently working on a master’s degree at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh for Public Administration with an emphasis in Health Care Management.

Favorite Ideal Protein Food: Dill Pickle Zippers, Orange Wafer, Peanut Butter Crunch Bar and Maple Oatmeal.