Aspirus Heart & Vascular

Limb Preservation Program

Creating a better quality of life for patients at risk of limb loss.

The Limb Preservation Program of Aspirus Heart & Vascular specializes in helping treat wounds of patients who are at high risk of amputation and diminished leg and toe function. 

Do not ignore the symptoms.
With appropriate well-timed treatment, many amputations can be prevented.
Waiting to see if the condition will resolve can waste valuable time, as wounds are healed best when they are new. The most effective treatment starts right away!

Act quickly if you experience these symptoms:

  • Sudden leg pain
  • Sudden or long lasting swelling of legs
  • Cold feet and toes
  • Lower leg skin discoloration
  • Non-healing leg, foot or toe sores

The Limb Preservation Program utilizes the latest technologies and treatment approaches to help manage the most complex cases. You are provided the highest quality of care and a personalized treatment plan brought to you by a coordinated team of wound care, podiatry and vascular surgical experts.

Expert diagnostic tools to detect arterial disease determine and categorize the severity of the condition

Utilization of state-of-the-art minimally invasive surgical techniques to restore blood flow to the legs and improve arterial circulation

Access to hyperbaric treatment that can radically help promote healing and prevent infection

Call 1-800-847-LIMB (5462)

You will speak  with a nurse who will complete an assessment and assist you in appointment scheduling. You can expect your first appointment within 5 days of calling.