About Aspirus

EAS - For Employers

Employers contract with Aspirus EAS to provide services for their employees, and employee household members.  Additional benefits are provided for supervisors and including training and consults. 

Aspirus EAS services for employers are broken down into the following areas:  Counseling Services, Trainings, Referrals, Supervisory Consultations, and Supportive Materials.  Employers can utilize any of these areas to address current concerns, or utilize as a preventative tool.

Counseling Services

Licensed masters-level counselors facilitate meetings with an individual or individuals in a confidential face-to-face setting.  Individual, marital, and family short-term counseling services are available to your employees or their household members.  Short-term counseling is defined as a limited number of sessions per episode of need.  Sessions typically run from 50 to 60 minutes in length.  


Most Aspirus EAS clients are self-referrals.  A supervisory referral may occur when work performance has become problematic. 

Supervisory Consultations

Human resources and/or a supervisory staff member sometimes have difficult situations with employees.  Aspirus EAS counselors are available to consult with supervisors about how to effectively handle complex situations.

Supportive Materials 

Articles, brochures, informational displays, and newsletters are available for employers to distribute to their employees.  These materials are available electronically or in hard-copy formats.


Employers have a variety of training topics to choose from.  Trainings fall into two areas:  for employees and for supervisors.  Training may be offered in the following formats:  in-person, conference call, or webinar.  Trainings may need to be offered more than once due to the number of employees & supervisors you have, training room size limitations, multiple shifts, or other complicating conditions.